Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Physics Activity in America with Mr. Portee

You never know when you just may end up outside to learn about a topic. Using math can be found in just almost every activity. From making numerical predictions to measuring distance can all be used to understand and learn about numbers. The topic for the day is, can you catch a football when thrown to you from a distance? How do you make adjustments to make the catch? Is there math involved? Just like NASA's trips in to outer space, scientist have to make math calculations using trigonometry and calculus to get an object to a certain point on a coordinate plane. Can't forget about the physics involved as well that account for the pull of gravity and motion. How do athletes make these similar adjustments while in the field of play? In physics, you must always keep in mind, distance, speed, acceleration, time and the mass of the object being projected or thrown. The fact is, we can all do math even when we are in action! Who does this? Drivers, runners, electricians, cooks, and many many more people who do an array of activities. After the activity the students review their notes taken during the experiment. How much force was necessary to throw the ball? How far did the catchers run? How long did it take to get the ball to the catcher? These were the questions to answer... Lets have fun learning!!

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